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Coptorindia™ Profile listing

While many business owners quickly recognize the importance of having business profile and having it showcased to larger audience.

Having your business listed on our online website COPTORINDIA™ is the best way to make sure your business is visible in as many searches as possible. In addition, having your business listed, with our professional help and endorsed by us creates confidence and make it apart from the crowd. This will increase your chances of getting into potential business.

Please keep following things in mind while creating your business profile.

  • Consistent NAP - making sure that your business Name, Address and Phone number are highlighted at right place to for quick association
  • Detailed Company Description - Let your company shine with a great business description. You should highlight your company and history and about inventory you have already worked
  • Link to Your Website - One of the greatest strength of local online profiles is how they link to your website; this has the potential to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Local listings are mostly used in local, mobile searches, be sure your website is mobile-friendly or you could be losing visitors fast.
  • Pictures andamp; Videos - Media items like photos and videos have a much higher conversion rate than standard text. Be sure to load images to your profiles.
  • Customer Reviews - Reviews send signals of confidence to search engines and mark engagement from customers. You should always encourage customers to leave reviews of your business and respond to those reviews.

For easy and effective business profile contact us